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The quibbler cover (back and front)


The quibbler cover (back and front)

posted 9 months ago

Proud to be a Ravenclaw


Neville Longbottom or Luna Lovegood? asked by house-of-wolvess

adrienie asked: "a) I love this blog. b) I don't have nearly enough Luna or HP stuff on my dash. Any good blog suggestions?"

I actually don’t follow that many blogs )-:

It’s really hard to find good Luna blogs that update regularly, here’s the blogs I follow right now:

if you want me to check out your blog (as long as you post harry potter/sometimes luna lovegood/evanna lynch) just drop me an ask, i’ll be happy to check out your blog and maybe follow!!! xxx
posted 9 months ago

Anonymous asked: "Love love love your blog! Since you seem to be pretty fluent in all things Luna lovegood, could you give me some advice as how to dress more like her? Thank you xoxo"

aaaw wow thankyou!~ this is a good question!

- i’d say pick things will quirky or cute patterns

- make sure you add a little bit of colour here and there

- unusual earrings or beaded earrings work well!

- coloured or patterned tights

- converse type shoes/paint your own shoes

- hair accessories: flowers, ribbons, butterflies, clips.

- super cute lion hats like this one

- colourful/quirky necklaces

- long sleeved t-shirts layered with dresses

- cute animal socks

- curly hair always works too :-)

if you want any more help you can always look on my polyvore(just scroll down a bit), i’ve made loads of luna lovegood sets with clothes that i think she’d wear <3